Frankie and Francie are the names of our Two Cats. Frankie is a fluffy American breed. He’s curious, naughty, inquisitive and not afraid to try new things. He’s a true foodie, and loves decadent, domestic fare. Francie is a bit more exotic. She’s petite, sophisticated and demure. She’s poised and refined in her tastes.

Two Cats Cafe strives to please both palattes. Providing a unique alternative to the Village crowd in Muncie, we offer fresh, organic ingredients for both indulgent feasts and wholesome, healthy meals. Food for your every mood.

Two Cats is where vegans, paleos and omnivores can share a table and everyone will be well-fed and happy. Offering the best in Frankie’s American comfort food, balanced with Francie’s unique and healthy international options, Two Cats is both the Yin and the Yang of the restaurant world.





Two Cats Cafe

Healthy & Fun Eatery at the Village

1813 W. University Ave., Muncie IN 47303